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Super Size Me meets Silent Spring as Soozie Eastman, daughter of an industrial chemical distributor, embarks on a journey to find out the levels of toxins in her body and explores if there is anything she or anyone else can do to change them. With guidance from world-renowned physicians and environmental leaders, interviews with scientists and politicians, and stories of everyday Americans, Soozie documents how America got to be so overloaded with chemicals and if there is anything we can do to take control of our exposure.


Can we hit the reset button, or is it too late?

The Story

There are constant reports about what harm may be inflicted on us and our kids from our daily chemical exposure, but little proof and alternatives are given. What are the actual effects from this exposure? What products can stay and what need to go? Learn about safe, easy, affordable options to change the way you and your family consume and clean all while going on a journey with the film's director to see if we, the end-user, have the ability to change what flows through our bodies and into future generations.

Overload: America's Toxic Love Story is not a film solely about pointing the finger at the chemical companies and placing the blame on the government; it's about finding out the answer to a very important question -- If the government and corporations aren't protecting us, can we protect ourselves?

Why does the number of chemicals in our body even matter?

Less than 1.2% of the 84,000 chemicals on the market have ever been tested for our safety. There is still virtually no regulatory or policy response even as 1,000 new chemicals are introduced every year. Some of these chemicals we have in our bodies and continue to use every day have been proven to cause developmental disorders, reproductive problems, hormone disruption and even cancer.

What we do know

  • Most Americans are exposed to at least 125 synthetic chemicals before they have their morning coffee.
  • American children and adults are walking around with a toxic stew of around 500 potentially harmful synthetic chemicals in their bodies.
  • Newborns now have more than 213 synthetic chemicals in their umbilical cords at birth.

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